Music-Focused Addiction Care in Lake Worth, Florida

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth offers compassionate and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment using the power of music. Combining traditional methods with a variety of cutting-edge music therapies, we are fully committed to helping you or your loved one heal from substance use disorder. Our cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment leverages music to help clients break down emotional barriers and safely address the factors that have led to and sustained their substance use. Start writing your recovery song today. Call Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth at 1-855-243-8756 to start healing now.

Inpatient Treatment

Fully immersive residential care with multiple amenities at our gorgeous and comfortable Lake Worth treatment center.


Freshly prepared meals, semi-private rooms, fitness center, recreational facilities, TV in every room, music space with instruments and recording equipment and more.

Expert, Compassionate Staff

Our experienced and qualified treatment specialists work closely with our creative professionals to offer clients a comprehensive, well-rounded recovery experience.

Most Insurances Accepted

Recovery Unplugged routinely works with most insurance providers to make treatment as affordable as possible to our clients.

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A Full Continuum of Care

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth offers a wide array of treatment services to assist clients in each stage of the recovery process, including:


Medically supervised detox and withdrawal management to help clients get through the process as safely and comfortably as possible. Recovery Unplugged offers addiction-trained doctors and nurses to help diminish clients’ symptoms during the acute stages of withdrawal.

Clients who endeavor to detox on their own face a more difficult withdrawal period and run a heightened risk of relapse due to their inability to cope with symptoms, which can range from mild to severe, depending upon their substance use history.

Individualized Counseling

Expert mental health professionals who are trained in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Our therapists work closely with clients to identify the root causes of their addictions in an effort to help them safely and successfully develop coping mechanisms for relapse prevention.

Our goal is to help clients integrate music into their everyday lives and use it to empower themselves in their lifelong sobriety journey.

Group Therapy

Supportive, compassionate and motivating environment to help clients exchange support and solidarity in their recovery. Our group therapy process allows clients to showcase their creative work while connecting with their favorite music.

Group therapy provides a profound sense of catharsis and allows clients to share their experiences through both words and music with a group of like-minded people who understand their struggle and are engaged in the same pursuit of recovery.

Aftercare and Continued Outreach

Customized and realistic post-treatment plans that allow clients to integrate their recovery into their everyday lives and avoid relapse. Our alumni department provides ongoing outreach to assess clients’ progress in recovery while encouraging them to attend regular events and stay connected through social media.

The goal of our aftercare programs is to provide clients with a comprehensive and sensible framework to help them successfully transition into their families and communities.

Start Your Recovery Today

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth is ready to help you take your life back from drug and alcohol addiction. We have witnessed, first hand, the power of music to help clients achieve emotional release in ways traditional talk therapy often cannot.

Musical Medicine

Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Treatment

Recovery Unplugged utilizes cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment practices as part of our full continuum of care. In addition to cornerstones of behavioral rehab like group therapy and individualized counseling, we are pleased to offer proven and effective modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and more. These therapies are critical in helping our clients overcome their trauma and address the root causes and sustaining factors of their substance use. We also offer customized aftercare plans that allow clients to use the coping mechanisms they developed in treatment, while giving them access to addiction-trained therapists in their area. Our primary goal is to help clients heal as individuals and create the necessary behavioral framework to avoid relapse.

Multiple Treatment Options

Multiple Treatment Options

Recovery Unplugged recognizes that each patient’s care needs are unique, and we strive to provide targeted and customized care plans that treat clients as individuals not merely a composite of their symptoms. Clients in our residential program stay in clean, semi-private rooms with a variety of amenities, including a fitness center TV in every room, freshly prepared meals, and more. We believe that environment plays an enormous role in the addiction treatment process, and we want to make clients as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. Don’t let addiction take away your health and quality of life. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you or your loved one now.

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